Waste Management Consulting

Waste Management consulting

One of the most significant issues to be attention in protection and promotion human health is appropriate, informed and coordinated approach toward new and efficient technologies in waste and waste management. Mismanagement and use of inappropriate methods leads to impose serious danger to the society and environment. GWM company provides the following services in the field of waste management in line with protection of environment:

• Engineering, studying, consulting, researching and implementing services in urban, industrial, agriculture and hospital wastes
• Identifying, configuration and coding the industrial and special wastes as well as providing waste management plans based on existing requirements
• Expert environment consulting services and providing reports according to monitoring organizations requirements
• Management of feasibility studies and providing justification schemes (technical-economical) and monitoring on matching operations and consuming resources at waste management schemes
• Consulting and providing required services related to Clean Development Mechanism based on Kyoto Protocol
• Provide and implement the services related to management, engineering, design, calculation, technical monitoring on construct, install and operate, implementation, consultation, value engineering, contractor, supply the equipment, design and construct with equipment supply and operation, management pact, design and build recycling systems and final disposal.
• Consulting and participation at preparing and compiling regulations, standards and directives related to goals and activity object of the company
• Compilation and deployment industrial and urban waste management
• Perform studying scheme for industrial and special waste plans
• Consulting and studying services in resource and material recycling