Our Factory

Unloading Platform

It’s a platform where facilitates transport and safe unloading of materials between truck and receiving place at the site (that is a tank). This platform gives access to the trucks and trailers and to overhead valves and pipes. When the truck arrives at the unloading platform, the area around the truck and trailer should be clear of any debris that could get in the way of the equipment during the unloading process. During unloading a trailer all safety gear (hard hat, face shield, goggles, rubber suit, gloves, pants, and rubber boots) must be worn.  

Storage Place

A highly suitable place for storing your cargo safe and sound, 

Available for different periods of time.

Affordable rent 

Accredited Laboratory

Removal of water to get stable products which are fat and solids, e.g. proteins 

Separation of the dry product into fat and solids (protein) 

Sanitation, i.e. the reduction of possible pathogenic loads, which is the less important the fresher the processed material is. 

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