About Us

German Waste Managment GmbH

GWM GmbH was founded with the goal of implementing environmental projects especially in the field of waste management by experts in environmental engineering and management

This company is

a spin-off company from European companies which focusing on work in the Middle East region also waste management sector with circular economy view. It is trying to implement environmental projects in the form of design, construct, run, operate and investment.
GWM conducts its activities according to the Sustainable Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
    The elements of supply carbon chain and sustainable materials in this system are as follow:
  • Production at farms
  • Collection at production points
  • Collection at primary collection points
  • Central points
  • Collection points
  • Transport of material
  • Storage facilities
  • Processing units

Sustainable Quality Management System (SQMS) der GWM GmbH
To establish, implement and maintain a Sustainable Quality Management System, GWM has implemented the international standard ISO 9001:2015 fulfilling all its requirements. GWM is working as well with internal tools to improve the SQMS requirements
As an international standard, it is intended as a basis for ensuring customer satisfaction as well as for improving the organization

Some of the advantages of our SQMS:

Modern laboratory with calibrated equipment
We have our own modern laboratory with calibrated equipment guaranteeing quality of our commodities

Improving our status and credibility of our organization
When the customers know that an organization has a quality management system certification, they will understand that the organization is focused on customer needs and its improvement.

Improve customer satisfaction
One of the key principles of our SQMS is to focus on improving customer satisfaction by identifying and observing to customer requirements and needs. Improving customer satisfaction can improve business in the organization.

Fully integrated processes
Using our SQMS process approach will focus not only on individual processes but also on the interactions of these processes with others. By doing this, areas for improvement and saving of resources are easily created in the organization.

Using evidence-based decision making
Ensuring evidence-based decision-making is key to the success of organizations with a quality management system. By making good evidence-based decisions, resources are best targeted to improve problems and organizational performance.

Creating a culture of continuous improvement
Continued improvement as the main output of GWM's SQMS, results in greater savings in time, money, and other resources. By creating this organizational culture, one can focus on using the human resources to improve the processes that are directly responsible for.

Engage people
The best solutions to improve the organization are identified by focusing on human resources.

Developing software tools
Avoiding any human errors we always working on our own software and applications, focusing on continuous improvement.