About Us

German Waste Management GmbH

GWM GmbH was founded with the goal of implementing environmental projects, especially in the field of waste management by experts in environmental engineering and management.

The elements of the carbon supply chain and sustainable materials in this system are as follows:

  1. Production at farms
  2. Collection at production points
  3. Collection at primary collection points
  4. Central Points
  5. Collection Points
  6. Transport of material
  7. Storage facilities
  8. Processing unit

To establish, implement and maintain a Sustainable Quality Management System, GWM has implemented the international standard ISO 9001:2015 fulfilling all its requirements.
GWM is working as well with internal tools to improve the SQMS requirements.

This international standard is developed to ensure customer satisfaction and improve the organization’s activities.

The GWM GmbH at its vision is an organization with a global brand that is known as an influential reference to implement projects qualitatively on a national and international level.

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